Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg hosted a small virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden on Saturday, as the candidate told the Hollywood crowd that Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus was something that “you guys would have trouble making a movie and selling it.”

What was not a hard sell was the former Vice-President’s latest visit today to the Hollywood ATM. In Biden’s first Tinseltown event since formally securing the delegates to lock in the Democrat’s Presidential nomination earlier this month, the ex-VP followed in the footsteps of ghis former boss Barack Obama and scored some big cash from one of the Democrats’ leading donor bases. In the Quibi chief MC’d afternoon event fueled by major 10 deep pocket donors, Biden walked away digitally with nearly $6 million, according to sources.

“It’s almost beyond belief,” Biden said Saturday to the 15 donors gathered of Trump’s extreme mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic and social crisis’ to hit the nation.. “This has got to be a wake-up call. The country is crying for leadership and for healing, and it’s time to respond with some purpose and action.”

As well as being Biden’s first Hollywood fundraiser, today was also the Katzenbergs’ first fundraiser for the ex-Veep since he became the presumptive Democratic nominee, and the event is expected to bring in a long list of top Hollywood executives.

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