Snow might deter most people from leaving their homes, but New Yorkers are known for braving the elements and trekking outside anyways (if it’s not too bad). Katie Holmes was one of those troopers, stepping out on Wednesday and Thursday in NYC to run some errands. Holmes bundled up from head to toe in a camel coat and winter boots. We spotted her re-wearing the same pair of shoes on Thursday—in other words, they’re the perfect snow boots to walk around in.

We tracked down the exact style: Frame’s Canon Boot in the color noir. The shoes are 100 percent leather and have rubberized heels and soles—this is super important if you’re walking on an icy street. At $728, the shoes are quite the investment, but just check out how Holmes is able to style them slightly differently with each wear.

The boots look great with either of Holmes’ coats and provides a cool winter snow boot option if you’re not about to step out in puffy, pillow-esque styles. Shop Holmes’ exact boots, plus similar ones, below.