Kevin Durant made it clear in talking to Marc Spears three weeks ago that he wasn’t coming back this season, no matter what. “My season is over.” he said. Now, in an interview with Austin Freeman and Chris Wright of DawgaTalk101, KD points out that even if he was well enough, he “probably” wouldn’t have played. The biggest NBA star who’s tested positive for the coronavirus doesn’t like what he’s seeing in the Orlando “bubble.”

“I feel me, right now, probably wouldn’t have played because the unknowns going into that situation looks crazy right now, seeing so many new cases. It’s just so unpredictable. It’s easy for me to say right now because I’m injured. I probably wouldn’t went down there.”

KD and three other Nets players tested positive for the virus after the team was tested days after the NBA shut down on March 11 and so presumably has antibodies.

Orange County, Florida, home of Walt Disney World, has had a rising number of infections, leading to increasing fears among the players and others headed to Orlando at the end of the first week of July. (Shams Charania wrote Thursday the Nets will fly south on July 7.)

“I probably would have chilled,” he added. “Obviously, I would have talked to my teammates and consulted with guys and actually really went over it for the last month and a half, but me, my gut, would have told me, ‘nah, I probably wouldn’t want to go down there, especially after three months off.”

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