Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are attached at the hip again, but only for a moment. At least for now.

We’ve known the exes have been spending time together while co-parenting True over the past several weeks — but at a friend’s birthday party they looked very cozy again … with no kid in sight.

In the vid, posted by Tristan’s old teammate, Jordan Clarkson … Khloe and Tristan are standing right next to each other while singing and holding up their phones. Notably, it looks like his arm is around her.

It’s not as earth-shattering as those pregnancy rumors — which were false — but for these 2, any news is big news. Our sources say the party was going down at Tristan’s home in L.A., but despite appearances, they’re not back on as a couple.

We’re told Tristan sees Khloe and their daughter every day … and the pandemic has simply given them a chance to hang out more and work on their friendship.

Our sources say they still live separately, though, and insist there’s no change to their relationship status … still just friends and co-parents.

They are together on one thing, though — we broke the story, Khloe and Tristan threatened to sue a woman for lying and defamation after she made claims he was the father of her child. Their lawyers say that’s been proven false, and Tristan did eventually sue her.

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