Minutes after the release of the Killers’ new album Imploding the Mirage, the band celebrated its arrival with a performance of “Blowback” on The Late Show.

While Brandon Flowers and company’s early-in-the-quarantine late-night TV performances saw them performing Imploding songs in their own bathroom and their recording studio, “Blowback” was somewhat of a return of normalcy for the band, who played the song together — yet kept social distance — from their concert stage.

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The Killers previously debuted “Blowback” on CBS This Morning with a rendition from the band’s Utah studio.

Imploding the Mirage, postponed from its original spring release and out Friday, is the band’s first without founding guitarist Dave Keuning. “We were trying to make it sound like the band wasn’t fractured,” Flowers told Rolling Stone of the early album sessions. “And trying to sound like the Killers. It was almost like we were doing this dumbed-down, mannequin version of the band.”