The latest binge-watching craze features Las Vegas front and center and state officials said the trending movie “Leaving Las Vegas” is an important sign that interest is growing in travel to Vegas again.

The movie, made in 1995 and starring Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue, made the top trending lists on Twitter on Monday as people under quarantine and “stay at home” orders choose to binge watch TV and movies.

“We see it real-time on social media. We know that these films and shows drive visitation and the interest in Las Vegas, over all of our history,” said Eric Preiss, the head of the Nevada Film Office. “25 years later—we are still watching it. We are still talking about it. It keeps Vegas in the top of the mind of the potential visitor. Where are they going to go? They are going to go to the city they saw in a movie.”

Preiss described the rise of streaming apparatuses and reruns of classic movies, from “The Hangover,” “Oceans 11” and “Casino,” as free advertising that “puts Vegas in the top of peoples’ minds.”

“These are commercials for our city that run 25 years at a time- if we have a good one,” he said.

What is coming to the small screen, soon, starring Vegas?

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