The Miami Marlins have shut down after 14 members of the team tested positive for COVD-19. It was revealed that Sunday morning a group text by the team – not Major League Baseball – was the deciding factor in playing the team’s game vs. the Philadelphia Phillies as a COVID-19 outbreak was on the horizon.

After learning Sunday morning that their starting pitcher and two other players tested positive for the virus, with an outbreak looming, Marlins players turned to their starting shortstop, Miguel Rojas, to determine if they’d play on Sunday.

“We made the decision that we’re going to continue to do this and we’re going to continue to be responsible and just play the game as hard as we can,” Rojas said, per The Philadelphia Inquirer. “(Not playing) was never the mentality. We knew that this would happen at some point. We came to the ballpark and we were ready to play. That was never our thought that we weren’t going to play.”

“He’s kind of an unofficial team captain of our club,” added Marlins manager Don Mattingly. “He’s always texting the group and getting the feelings of the group. So when we’re dealing with situations or things, that’s usually who we’re working through.”

Major League Baseball issued a 113-page operations manual to all team employees before the start of the reformatted season, outlining on-field rules, testing procedures and the protocol for if a player tests positive.

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