Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Tuesday that white people need to have uncomfortable conversations about their “privilege” as a way to help move the country forward.

Cuban’s call for action came during an event, organized by the Mavericks, addressing systemic racism and social injustices facing the black community, ESPN reported.

“I need all of us to really open up and talk to each other, even when it’s difficult,” Cuban said. “Even when it’s not something we’re comfortable with, particularly those of you who look like me, the white people. Because it’s hard to discuss race when you’re white.”

He continued: “The reality is, to be brutally honest, when people talk about white privilege, we get defensive. We all have this mechanism that I call manufactured equivalency to try to protect ourselves. We’ll say, ‘I have a lot of black friends.’ We’ll say, ‘I grew up in a mixed community, so I’m not like that. I can’t possibly be someone who takes advantage of white privilege,’ and manufacture this equivalency. It’s incumbent on us to stop doing that, because that doesn’t move us forward when we do that. That’s part of having a courageous conversation.”

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