The first trailer for dystopian thriller “Songbird,” produced by Michael Bay and directed by Adam Mason, was released Thursday to much criticism.

Bay’s film “Songbird” takes place in 2024, where COVID-19 has mutated to COVID-23 and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown. The trailer shows images of notable places in the U.S., including the Santa Monica Pier nearly deserted, now mostly occupied by soldiers and armored vehicles ready to shoot civilians who violate lockdown orders. The U.S. death toll in the movie’s setting has reached over 8 million for the year alone, while the worldwide coronavirus death toll is now over 110 million.

The trailer was deemed “tone deaf” by many on Twitter who thought it was bad timing to make a movie about a deadly pandemic when we’re still in the middle of a current pandemic. One American dies from COVID-19 every 107 seconds, according to Johns Hopkins data.