Miley Cyrus, who is spending quality time with her long-time beau Cody Simpson amid the coronavirus pandemic, dressed him up in fishnets and red lipstick, making directorial debut with his ‘Captain’s Dance With The Devil’ music video.

During their quarantine, Miley and Cody got creative, crafting the kooky DIY music video for the acoustic track.

Cody got into drag for the short video – filmed entirely at Miley’s home – letting the former Disney Channel star dress him up in fishnets and red lipstick.

Cody embraced his feminine side, matching his crimson pout to a shiny manicure while wearing a lacy shirt and piles of costume jewelry.

The Malibu singer, 27, and Aussie singer, 23, were responsible for all of the creative aspects of the video, piecing together the costumes, lighting and set design with things from around the house.

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