Meaningful baseball is right around the corner. Opening Day is exactly one week away and I can’t wait. Spring training games are fun in their own way, but I’m ready for baseball with stakes.Throughout spring training my fellow CBS Sports MLB scribes and I will bring you a weekly roundtable breaking down, well, pretty much anything. The latest news, a historical question, thoughts about the future of baseball, all sorts of stuff. Last week we discussed the merits of eliminating the infield shift. This week we’re going to debate the two New York teams.R.J. Anderson: The cutesy answer is “whichever team stays healthier,” since availability is the great unknown — for every team, but these two especially. OK, OK, I’ll spare everyone the copout answer and go with the Yankees. I think they have a slightly higher ceiling and floor, thanks to having superior depth. Projection systems seem to agree with that assessment, too: SportsLine has the Yankees six games better, PECOTA five, and even ZiPS says three. None of this is a knock on the Mets, by the way, since you can make a real argument that the Yankees have the best team in the American League. Matt Snyder:In my pre-spring power rankings I had the Yankees third and the Mets fifth, which illustrates what high hopes I have for both of the New York teams. They’ll both have their hands full in tough divisions and are likely to be among the best and most exciting teams in baseball. To RJ’s point about the injuries, the Yankees are already affected with the Zack Britton news. But then there’s Carlos Carrasco’s injury. We can’t be sure about Luis Severino or Noah Syndergaard. Ultimately, I think the Mets have more negative variance here in the possible outcomes and more questions at the back-end of the bullpen. I won’t be surprised if the Mets are better, but the Yankees are my answer and I really like both teams for 2021.  Dayn Perry: I don’t see any reason to depart from consensus expectations and projections. I think the Mets are potentially a darn good team and can contend for the title in what should be a tough NL East. The Yankees, however, are in the discussion for best non-Dodgers team in baseball. I’m particularly concerned about the Mets’ rotation depth, and I’m not sure they’ve done enough to improve what was a pretty mediocre bullpen last season. I think the Yankees finish somewhere in the neighborhood of five games ahead of the Queenslanders. Mike Axisa:The Mets are much improved — don’t sleep on the smaller under-the-radar moves they’ve made to improve their depth (Joey Lucchesi, Sean Reid-Foley, Jordan Yamamoto, etc.), because their lack of depth was constantly exposed the last few years — but the Yankees might be the best team in baseball outside the NL West. Both teams have been dogged by injury issues the last few years, so I’m not willing to use projected health as a tiebreaker, and the Mets have had a knack for playing below their talent level. The whole hasn’t equaled the sum of the parts, you know? Maybe a new owner changes that. I’ll believe it when I see it. The Mets are really good and I have them as a postseason team in 2021. I think the Yankees are a few wins better though.Katherine Acquavella: The Yankees. But, I don’t think the gap between these two New York teams is as big as it was in the past. As it’s already been mentioned, staying healthy is going to be huge for both clubs. But on paper, the Yankees are the American League favorites once again, while the Mets are co-favorites in their division after their splashy offseason. The Yankees take the advantage over the Mets when it comes to offense, but still have a lot of question marks in their rotation after Cole. Meanwhile, the Mets are holding out for Noah Syndergaard’s successful return from Tommy John surgery later this summer, and he could make a huge impact if he’s close to his usual hard-throwing self when he returns. There’s also the wait and see for how Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres rebound in 2021 in the Bronx, along with how the Mets’ outfield shakes out after missing out on George Springer in free agency. So, there are a few notable details that could prove to be enough to sway one team over the other, but either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw both New York teams back in the postseason for the first time since 2015.

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