The NFL is making plans to experiment in the 2020 preseason with new officiating positions that would be similar to a sky judge.

The experiment would mirror proposals put forth by the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers to create a booth umpire and a senior technology advisor. Each official would have access to video and the ability to either make officiating calls or communicate to the referee based on what they see.

NFL clubs received a list of potential rule changes on Thursday, and team owners will be asked to vote on the proposals during a virtual meeting on May 28.

The booth umpire and technology advisor proposals were not endorsed by the competition committee, meaning they are unlikely to be approved as permanent rule changes. Instead, the committee recommended a preseason experiment.

Coaches have been lobbying for additional officiating help for several years, and the league is looking for new ways to improve officiating after its failed one-year experiment of allowing pass interference calls to be reviewed by replay in 2019.

Meanwhile, momentum is growing for another team-proposed rule change: an alternative to the onside kick put forth by the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead of kicking off after a score late in the fourth quarter, a team would have the option for one offensive play from its 25-yard line. It would need to gain at least 15 yards to retain possession.

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