Jason Momoa’s latest role in Slumberland is his most family-friendly yet. In the November-trending Netflix title, the Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor plays the satyr-like companion to a young girl who discovers a dreamworld. And when I say family-friendly, I also include Momoa’s latest addition to his family, his pet pig.

In Slumberland, Marlow Barkley’s Nemo sees her stuffed fluffy pig friend named “Pig” come to life at night and tag along on her adventures with Momoa’s Flip. So of course the DC actor decided to watch the Pig scenes with his own squealing bestie. Check it:

In the video for Still Watching Netflix, Jason Momoa embraces his own pig as they watch Slumberland together. It’s an adorable minute and a half, as Momoa calls the pig in the movie “pretty cute,” but not as cute as his own. As the pig goes after a piece of food, Momoa rambles on about the pig being his “son” and having the “genes” to become an actor like him. He had to add in the ridiculous pun, telling him he has the “acting chops.” Get it?

It was clearly a bit difficult for Momoa’s piggy to sit still while they watched a few clips from Slumberland, but what a joy we got to see the actor alongside his cute new pet. Earlier this month, Jason Momoa introduced the pig on Instagram as either “Lau Lau” or “Manapua,” as he was still deciding on a name.

Momoa captioned the post by saying that “this is why” he can’t work with animals, as he ends up bringing them home. In the video itself, the actor said he was hoping to bring his new pet to the Slumberland premiere with a top hat, but in the background, it sounded like his mother was protesting. He was still deciding which name fit the little guy. When his mom asked if he was domesticated, Momoa said he’s all Hawaiian and all feral – just “like his pops.”

When Momoa attended the Los Angeles premiere of Slumberland, he updated Entertainment Tonight, saying the pig was in Hawaii. Since he’s technically a wild boar, the actor apparently couldn’t bring him to the event. You can check out CinemaBlend’s own Slumberland interviews with Jason Momoa and the cast, where the actor exclaimed that Flip smells like “rainbow farts of love.”

After Jason Momoa initially came onto the Hollywood scene as this intimidating badass, it’s been wondrous to see his soft side over the years through his social media, interviews and acts like this of falling in love with a pig and watching his latest movie with him. Slumberland is the latest family adventure for your holiday season viewing and even includes his own daughter’s dance routine to a Dua Lipa song. It can be watched now with a Netflix subscription.

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