We know the Cincinnati Bengals want to trade Andy Dalton, but one of the few teams in need of a new quarterback doesn’t appear interested in trading for him. Despite weeks of speculation that Dalton could be on their radar in the event of Tom Brady’s departure, the New England Patriots are apparently not considering the longtime Bengals starter as a potential replacement.

“Something would have to change for the Pats to turn their attention to Andy Dalton,” The Athletic’s Jeff Howe reported Saturday. “He hasn’t been discussed among the Pats’ immediate plans.”

It’s not entirely surprising that New England isn’t considering Dalton its Plan A, B or even C in the wake of Brady’s departure. Bill Belichick and Co. have gotten a good look at their AFC counterpart over the years, and there’s a reason Cincinnati is ready to move on from the 32-year-old signal-caller. While Dalton certainly had a weak supporting cast playing for the 2-14 Bengals in 2019, he hasn’t posted a quarterback rating above 90 for three straight seasons and has generally been a middle-of-the-road passer, if not worse, since his last Pro Bowl nod in 2016.

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