New fan art envisions Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate with an unmasked look in the upcoming DCEU movie, Black Adam. Arguably DCEU’s most hotly anticipated film, Black Adam features Hollywood’s beloved superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the titular villain-turned-antihero. The former WWE champion was first cast for the role in 2014, with plans to appear as a villain in David F. Sandberg’s 2019 Shazam! movie. But considering Johsnon’s stellar stature, DC traded off those plans in favor of a proper solo film set 5,000 years after the wrongful imprisonment of the eponymous Kahndaq warrior. Despite Johnson’s massive star power, Black Adam has taken its time to get off the ground. But in the previous year, the movie managed to make considerable progress. As of late, Black Adam has finally begun filming, eyeing July 29, 2022 as its official release date.

Although the movie is fully on track now, it has seen its share of ups and downs. Originally, Black Adam was scheduled to premiere in late 2021. But when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a reshuffling of DCEU’s calendar, Black Adam was pulled off the lineup entirely. Yet, despite the roadblocks, the casting process remained underway. In August, Johnson announced that the film would include the Justice Society of America, with Noah Centineo already on board as the first member, Atom Smasher. Later Aldis Hodge, and Quintessa Swindell also joined as Hawkman and Cyclone. And last month, casting for the roster was rounded out when the former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was finalized to play Dr. Fate, aka Kent Nelson.

As with any other superhero movie, fans are desperate to see the newcomers don the getup of their favorite comic-book characters. But until official pictures can offer a proper look at the actors’ roles, fan posters should suffice in helping to imagine the characters’ appearances. Recently, artist SPDRMKYXXIII shared an incredible concept for what Brosnan could look like in the movie. The mesmerizing poster finds the superhero without his signature Helmet of Fate as he floats about in the air, harnessing his mystical golden energies. Clearly, the artist has taken some liberties with Fate’s original comic-book costume, but the ensemble blends in well with the ancient Egyptian aspect of the film. Check out the artwork below.

Expectedly, a lot of Dr. Fate art has surfaced ever since the news of Brosnan’s casting broke out. But the poster by SPDRMKYXXIII is so far the most illustrative, vibrant, and authentic depiction of the character. In the comics, the title of Dr. Fate has been held by multiple superheroes, but none is as well-recognized as the Lords of Order agent Kent Nelson. Created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman, this specific incarnation of Dr. Fate was first introduced as the son of archaeologist Sven Nelson in the 1940 More Fun Comics #55. Kent is mentored by the spirit of the ancient Nabu the Wise, who grants him his powers and guides him through his missions. In fact, most of Kent’s superhero props, including his helmet, cape, and amulet are all creations of Nabu. It’s unclear if the forthcoming Black Adam film will feature Kent’s spiritual adviser, but it has been confirmed the movie will focus on Kent’s role as one of the founders and key statesman of the Justice Society of America.

Considering that Black Adam has started shooting, it shouldn’t be too long before some set photos reveal the first look at Brosnan and the rest of the JSA cast members in their respective superhero outfits. As depicted by Black Adam’s concept trailer released during DC FanDome last August, the live-action version of Dr. Fate shouldn’t depart too much from his comics counterpart in terms of costume and appearance. For now, Brosan sounds like the perfect casting for the character as even his physique and versatility closely resemble Dr. Fate’s characterization. Additionally, Brosnan is the biggest name on the call sheet other than Johnson, so the film would probably feature him rather prominantly, thereby honoring the character’s comic-book legacy.

Source: SPDRMKYXXIII/ Instagram

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