TV show host Piers Morgan mocked Lady Gaga when it was announced earlier this month that she would be attending a WHO conference on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Why? Has she found a cure? Otherwise, we don’t need a [expletive] singer there,” he had said responding to a tweet at the time that said Lady Gaga would be a special guest at the event.

However, the “Good Morning Britain” host seems to have changed his mind about the singer after the “One World: #TogetherAtHome” concert.

Morgan took to Twitter to publicly apologise to the singer, following the successful online concert.

“I owe you an apology – this was a great initiative that raised a fortune, entertained people, & will help save lives. It was also a perfect illustration of a major star using their profile properly in this crisis. Congrats & sorry for originally questioning it,” Morgan said in response to the singer’s tweet, which thanked the WHO for letting her be part of the project.

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