To paraphrase legendary broadcaster Vin Scully: in the year of the improbable, the ridiculous has happened.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Derek Holland was ejected from Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals — while he was sitting in the stands.

The incident happened in the bottom of the third inning with the Cardinals’ Lane Thomas at the plate. The Pirates apparently disagreed with a balls-and-strikes call on the field, setting up what could possibly be described as the MLB season’s first socially distanced argument between new Pirates manager Derek Shelton and home plate umpire Jordan Baker.

Both Shelton and Baker even put on their masks to comply with MLB’s safety regulations.

Shelton came out to argue because Baker had ejected Holland — who was sitting in the stands since he wasn’t playing in the game. Acquired over the offseason, Holland now has an ejection on his record before he’s even played in his first game as a Pirate.

With no fans in ballparks this season, it’s going to be much easier to hear everything players and coaches say during the game. Holland’s ejection may just be one of many crazy events in this once-in-a-lifetime season.

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