Even by royal wedding standards, Princess Diana’s wedding gown is iconic. The dress was designed for her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles by Elizabeth and David Emanuel and the designers took great pains to keep the gown’s design a secret.

In interviews over the years, Elizabeth Emanuel has revealed that she and David actually designed a secret second wedding dress as a backup in case the first design leaked, but that the second dress went missing years ago.

Back in 1981, Diana’s wedding gown designers, Elizabeth and David Emanuel, knew how coveted an advance look at the dress would be and, according to a report from The Mirror>>>P, the pair went to great lengths to keep the design completely under wraps until the big day, including destroying their sketches of the dress immediately after showing them to Diana. Elizabeth told People in 2011 of the secret dress.”Had the secret of the real dress got out it’s possible that Diana would actually have worn this one