It seemed like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas had a whirlwind romance. From only officially dating for a few months before getting engaged to their opulent wedding, everything seemed like it was out of a little storybook. However, the Citadel star revealed that she actually judged Jonas poorly at first, and it took a couple of years worth of convincing before she agreed to go out with her future husband, and she recently explained the amusing reason why she finally agreed to date the Jonas Brother.

Chopra Jonas revealed that she and Nick Jonas went on their first date in May 2018 and got engaged in August of the same year to Dax Shepard on Armchair Expert. However, she clarified that they had met a couple of years earlier, and ended up playing the long game before the actress agreed to go out with the singer. She explained that in 2016 she was in a “tumultuous relationship,” and she had friends in common with her future husband who thought they’d be a good fit. Considering the ten-year age gap between the two it makes sense why she was not all that into the idea of dating him at first, however, she soon realized:

The Quantico alum then explained that a couple of her friends played a game with her where they asked what her five non-negotiables were in a man, Chopra said:

In hindsight, it’s quite amusing to think about how Chopra Jonas had already found her perfect match, but she had been reluctant to pursue the relationship. However, eventually, she did, because she realized Nick Jonas had all the qualities she was looking for. She elaborated on these five points, and how her husband met them, saying:

Shepard then took a guess, saying he thought Chopra’s ideal man needed to be confident, and the pageant-queen-turned-actress agreed. The last point she mentioned was how she wanted “someone who [she] looked up to,” and the actress praised her husband’s work ethic and thoughtfulness while talking about this quality.

So, while that might have been the moment she realized she should date him, the moment she realized she loved him was also amazing. The Baywatch star explained this moment came “the first time” she saw him working in a studio. He was conducting a choir, and Chopra Jonas said her “knees buckled” watching him work.

Now, the two have been married for about six years, and they have a daughter too. Also, as they raise their little girl, both have thriving careers. Nick Jonas is getting ready to release The Album with the Jonas Brothers, which will be their second album post-reunion. While Priyanka Chopra Jonas has an upcoming movie on the 2023 film schedule called Love Again and a series on the 2023 TV schedule titled Citadel, which will be available to stream with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Overall, it seems like this power couple has it made. Due to Chopra Jonas’ non-negotiables, she found her perfect man, and now they both have thriving careers and a lovely little family.

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