UNC and Duke meet in the NCAA Tournament for the first time with a berth in the national championship game on the line. Could college basketball’s nastiest rivalry along Tobacco Road possibly get bigger than this? Ahead of Saturday’s showdown, we went back in time to look at the ACC blue-blood program’s all-time greatest series moments, a near impossibility when given the legendary players and coaches involved.

Growing up in North Carolina, you’re indoctrinated by UNC-Duke. Dean Smith, Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski were everywhere. The work schedule stops when these two teams meet. The ACC Tournament was so meaningful in the 1990s and early 2000s, teachers wheeled televisions attached to carts inside classrooms just to have background noise during the day.

When ex-Duke star Jay Williams called this weekend’s matchup “college basketball’s biggest game of all time,” he wasn’t exaggerating. It means everything to those closely involved and followers of two of the winningest programs in college basketball history.

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Sifting through the annals of time, here’s a look at 10 of the greatest moments in the UNC-Duke rivalry.

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