Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has been cheering up his fans during the countrywide lockdown amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The singer started the Lockdown Session series and came up with music and videos that fans are loving.

The Cleveland rapper on Tuesday dropped his latest installment, “In These Walls” as part of his Lockdown Sessions.

“I think we’re caught up in a power trip / She my Kate Moss, I’m her Johnny Depp / Life of a fast life in the fast lane / Fights in the cab, nights drinking champagne / Ice make it last, ice for the back pain / With the knife on the dash, pipe in the ashtray,” the singer raps.

The video became the top trend on YouTube hours after the Cleveland rapper released it.

The singer took to Twitter to share a screenshot from YouTube.

By the time he took the screenshot, the video was seen by over half a million people on the video-sharing website.

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