Utah State Aggies star Sam Merrill can shoot the lights out, but he made it clear that he plans to bring much more than that to the NBA.

Of course, when a player shoots 42 percent from 3-point territory on 5.8 attempts per game over the course of their college career, it’s not a shock when teams view said individual as a shooter above all else. Merrill isn’t satisfied with that label, however, and wants to show that in the pros.

The two-time All-Mountain West Conference selection explained his mindset and more during his conversation leading up to the 2020 NBA draft with USA TODAY SMG’s Bryan Kalbrosky. Please note this interview was minorly edited in its transcript for brevity and clarity. Thanks so much for your time today! What have you been telling teams about how the last few months for you?  Sam Merrill: It’s been a good process to this point. For the most part, my message has been that I really want to believe I can play at the NBA level and find a way to carve out a career.