Sarah Jessica Parker has the power to persuade us to buy anything. She wears a hot pink face mask, we want a hot pink face mask. She wears a bold Farm Rio coat, we want a bold Farm Rio coat. But perhaps the biggest example of just how influential SJP is on our buying behavior is that she just convinced us to scoop up one of the most controversial shoes in town: clogs.

Parker has bid adieu to her glitzy, sparkle-adorned Mary Jane heels for a footwear pick that’s inherently more down-to-earth — exactly why we love it (and her) so much. Celebrity fashion might not always be the most attainable or the most, well, practical, but clogs are about as real and as trusty as a pair of shoes gets.

SJP has been wearing clogs since 1993. Our research revealed that she loves to wear the slip-on while traveling (paired with socks, of course), but she also rocks them on regular strolls around the city, like she most recently did.