Sean Kingston has an arrest warrant in his name over grand theft in connection with an unpaid jeweler’s tab. The Beautiful Girls artist, 30, according to TMZ, was charged in connection with grand theft over jewelry that was delivered to him. Police sources told the outlet that the Take You There singer has not yet settled up the tab, leading to the warrant.

Law enforcement told the outlet that they did not intend to actually search for the rapper in connection with this warrant, but it would come up if Kingston was pulled over or detained. The outlet reported that the legal complaint stated that bail in the case was $45,000, and Kingston could be incarcerated for as many as three years if convicted in connection with the case.

The Fire Burning performer appeared to be in good spirits amid a series of clips he posted to Instagram Stories on Thursday from a luxury home, where he had high-end vehicles such as a Lambo SUV and Maybach.