It’s been a long ride, but Sundance favorite Charm City Kings is finally streaming on HBO Max.

The film stars newcomer Jahi Di’Allo Winston (Everything Sucks!) as Mouse, an animal-loving Baltimore teenager still reeling from the death of his older brother. In order to follow in his footsteps, Mouse buys a quad as an attempt to make his way into the Midnight Clique, a group of daredevil dirt-bike riders that run the streets during the summertime.

Pulled away from a gig at the animal hospital his mentor Detective Rivers (William Catlett) helped him get, Mouse begins hanging with bike mechanic and ex-con Blax, played by rapper Meek Mill.

“Meek was perfect for this role not only because of his love for bikes and the culture, but because his narrative coming out of prison and becoming an advocate for prison reform are almost a verbatim manifestation of what his character, Blax, intentions are with Mouse,” director Angel Manuel Soto tells EW.

Charm City Kings is now streaming on HBO Max.