Selena Gomez has a message for graduating students from immigrant families.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic — which has forced high schools, colleges and universities across the country to cancel public graduation ceremonies — the 27-year-old singer delivered a surprise speech to hundreds of #Immigrads on Saturday, as part of the #Immigrad 2020 Virtual Commencement. Congratulating the Class of 2020, Gomez explained that even though people can’t celebrate all together, the students should still be proud of their accomplishments.

“I want you guys to know that you matter and that your experiences are a huge part of the American story,” Gomez expressed. “When my family came here from Mexico they set into motion my American story, as well as theirs. I’m a proud third-generation American-Mexican and my family’s journey and their sacrifices helped me get me to where I am today.”

The “Dance Again” singer continued by saying that “regardless of where your family is from, regardless of your immigration status, you have taken action to earn an education, to make your families proud, and to open up your worlds.”

“I’m sending all of my love to you guys today and congratulations and I hope that you guys are set off to be everything that you want to be,” Gomez concluded.

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