You may already have got the message loud and clear that a blazer is what you need for now and the foreseeable future.

Wear it with jeans to smarten them up, with trousers to go one smarter, or over a longish dress to keep it from getting too flyaway romantic. It’s a go-with-everything look sharpener.

So why bring up blazers yet again? Surely there’s nothing left to say on the subject?

Well, just this: that while a plain navy blazer is a classic that will never let you down, a check blazer opens up new areas of possibility.

I give you Dior’s school uniform look from its autumn/winter 2020 catwalk. Most of it — knee socks, shirt and tie, the very short grey skirt — is of no use to us, but the brown and cream check double-breasted blazer, now that we could do business with.

Not that exact one, of course, but one like it. Worn with a crisp shirt, a longer A-line skirt, boots instead of fishnet socks, this is a look that could take us to work and, with the skirt swapped for jeans or trousers, out at the weekend.