Need some stuff to watch? You probably do. If you’re a sports fan, a little extra sports content, even when fictional, can go a long way. There is still a way to get your fix. Fortunately, sports movies are abundant, and we have collected some that are available to watch somewhere online without having to rent or buy them. This does include movies on subscription services you may not have though. Here are our sports movie recommendations for your bingeing needs.

“Ford v. Ferrari” (2019)
In the United States, we don’t know much about Le Mans. Fortunately, “Ford v. Ferrari” explains that pretty well. Mostly, it’s a chance to see two excellent actors, Matt Damon and Christian Bale, in action. The movie is a solid sports film that checks all the boxes you want from a movie like this.

“Fighting With My Family” (2019)
If you don’t consider professional wrestling a sport, you might be annoyed by this. But we’re trying to help people fill their down time so we aren’t listening to your quibbles. “Fighting With My Family” is a biopic of the wrestler Paige, who grew up in a family of wrestlers before joining the WWE. The film got pretty solid reviews and was one of the breakout movies of Florence Pugh. “Fighting With My Family” is on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

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