Netflix’s action film, Extraction, tells the story of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black market mercenary who is hired to rescue the son of an Indian drug lord in Dhaka. The film’s ending left Tyler’s fate up in the air, which is why many are wondering if there will be a sequel.

What is ‘Extraction’ about?

Extraction follows gritty mercenary, Tyler Rake. He’s hired to extract a young kidnapped boy, Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), from the grips of his drug lord father’s rival. As Tyler fights off the rival Dhaka gang, he also gets attacked by Saju (Randeep Hooda), Ovi’s father’s right-hand man.

When Tyler’s mission is compromised, his mercenary colleagues advise him to leave the boy behind. But he decides to save the boy and get him out of Dhaka, even if he has to do it alone.

The ending of ‘Extraction’ left the door open for Tyler

At the end of Extraction, Tyler leaves Ovi with Saju and tries to keep the mafia engaged so they can escape. But when Saju is shot and killed, Ovi runs to the bridge where Tyler is entangled in a gunfight.

To save Ovi, Tyler tells him to run over to his friends that are waiting nearby with a helicopter. Tyler provides cover for the boy by running into the line of fire. He takes a number of bullets, including one in the neck. Bloody and critically injured, Tyler backs up onto the bridge’s railing and falls into the river below.

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