If you thought 2020 was a strange year for the movies, get ready for 2021.

The next 12 months are overflowing with major Hollywood titles—some rescheduled from 2020, others slated for 2021 all along—that should help to make up for the pandemic-induced scarcity of films this year. But that’s predicated on two things: the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in the US and around the world, and the confidence of film studios that audiences will return to theaters once things are back to some semblance of normal.

One studio in particular, Warner Bros., is not very confident. (Or, at the very least, it prioritizes streaming growth more than the theater industry.) It already announced all of its 2021 films will debut on its streaming service, HBO Max, on the same day they premiere in theaters. Disney, on the other hand, is moving forward with global theatrical releases for the majority of its 2021 films even though it has a streaming platform of its own, Disney+, that needs content.

This seemingly strange dynamic of film distribution is likely to continue beyond 2021: some major films will still come out exclusively in theaters (how long they stay there, however, is another question), some will go straight to streaming, while the rest will be distributed via some combination of the two.

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