The 25 best musicians-turned-actors
Even as they’ve won countless awards and earned millions of dollars in the world of music, many stars aren’t willing to limit their talents to just singing. Throughout the years, a number of musicians of all genres have made the leap from music to film (or television), and generally, the results are pretty spectacular.

From Bing Crosby, responsible for originating the singer-turned-actor phenomenon, to Ice-T, a former gangsta rapper who now plays the most iconic cop role on television, these 25 iconic musicians have proved equally successful as actors.

Bette Midler
Before starring in films like “Beaches” and “The First Wives Club,” Bette Midler was singing on Broadway and recording albums. In 1979, she both sang and portrayed legendary rock star Janis Joplin in “The Rose,” her film debut.

Bing Crosby
The original crossover star, Bing Crosby forged the path for so many singers-turned-actors. After recording classics like “White Christmas,” Crosby appeared a number of feature films, including 1944’s “Going My Way,” which earned Crosby an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Elvis Presley
If Bing Crosby was the original crossover star, Presley was, well, the king. Breaking into the world of music in the mid-1950s, Presley rose to fame in the film world shortly after, starring in films like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Blue Hawaii” and the iconic “Viva Las Vegas.”