The 25 most memorable fictional political villains
Whatever one’s political preference, television and film fans can agree there are plenty of rotten and dangerous fictional leaders to have graced our entertainment presence. Some are just ruthless while others are seriously inept.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites (listed in alphabetical order).

Admiral General Aladeen (“The Dictator”)
As one will see, some of the politically bad people on this list tend to bare a slight – or downright – resemblance to the current leader of the United States. In this case, Aladeen is highly entertaining as we keep in mind he’s fictional. This childish tyrant from the fake Republic of Wadiya is not particularly high on women – though he hires female bodyguards – and many of his comments are off-color. It might be one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s more underrated roles.

Joffrey Baratheon (“Game of Thrones”)
irishman Jack Gleeson has long been lauded for his portrayal as this rather boy-like ruler. Joffrey is completely loathsome, and that’s that. He’s spoiled and does not treat women particularly well. Joffrey’s boyish behavior makes it easy for anybody with sense to not take him seriously. Unfortunately, he’s got too much power, which makes watching his antics that much more frustrating.