The 25 most political bands
Politics and music go hand in hand. And there have been, and continue to be, several prominent groups that have consistently made a good living delivering its respective ideologies to the masses.

Here’s a look at some of the more notable bands (just bands, not specific solo artists) who have no problem unleashing their political voice.

As we’ll see, the punk genre is ripe for politically-charged musical aggression. After all, isn’t that the point? Anti-Flag has not enjoyed true mainstream success, but its left-wing message involving human rights and knocking big government – to name a few issues – has made for quite the loyal and impressive following since the release of its 1996 debut Die for the Government.

Bad Religion
While these pop-punk pioneers claim they don’t necessarily politicized their music, the band has been outspoken against at least two republican presidents. First, George W. Bush back in the day and most recently, and perhaps indirectly, Donald Trump and right-wing politics on 2019’s Age of Unreason. Which features a mix of the 2018 hit “The Kids Are Alt-Right.”