It’s no secret that people have turned to their televisions and streaming services more in these last few months than ever before because of the coronavirus pandemic. After all, movies and TV shows have always served as a means of escaping reality—and with more content available at our fingertips than ever before, the possibilities are endless. But why not give your eyes a break from all that screen time and seek solace in some great new music instead? When you think about it, nothing can make you feel emotionally connected or hopeful quite like hearing your favorite song or discovering an exciting new band. To get you started, here are the best new albums of 2020 that were released during quarantine. And for more music trivia, check out, 20 Songs You Totally Misunderstood, Explained.

1. Nine Inch Nails—Ghosts V and VI

Trent Reznor and collaborator Atticus Ross surprise-released not one, but two instrumental records in mid-March as a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic. The material is not dissimilar sounding to the type of music Reznor and Ross created for their Oscar-winning score of David Fincher’s The Social Network. Only this time, they weren’t using a movie as their muse.Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts each aim to capture a specific feeling evoked by the experience of being in quarantine. The former “is for when things seem like it might all be OK,” the pair told Rolling Stone, while the much darker latter is for, “Well, you’ll figure it out.”

2. Fiona Apple—Fetch the Bolt Cutters

Fiona Apple was always a musical force to be reckoned with—and she may just be an even bigger and more important one today than she was in her ’90s hay day. Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Apple’s first album since 2012, finds the unapologetic songstress truly at the top of her game, not exactly something that gets written very often about 42-year-old female artists 25 years into their career.

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