The best beach movies of all time
It’s summer. And while going to the beach in this current climate might not be possible, there are plenty of movie options to fill that void. Whether drama, comedy or action, beach/ocean/lake movies are summer staples.

Here’s a look at some of the better ones through the years.

“Gidget” (1959)
“Gidget” Lawrence, no matter who played her, has become synonymous with beach culture entertainment, whether on television or film. In this case, Sandra Dee stars as the bubbly, fun-leaving surfer girl who was a ray of sunshine for everybody she came in contact with. This movie spawned various sequels, TV series and spinoffs that can still be enjoyed today.

“Blue Hawaii” (1961)
While many Elvis Presley fans don’t consider this one of The King’s better films, it’s still a fun-loving romp and musical romantic comedy that is pretty enjoyable. While the Elvis die-hards might not have rank this movie too high, one can’t help but enjoy hearing his classics like “Blue Hawaii” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”