Need a good mystery to solve? Want to take a walk through the criminal underworld? Well, if you wanna do it from the comfort (and safety) of your own home, you’re probably gonna want to watch a movie. Fortunately for fans of the genre, filmmakers have been turning to the thrills of crime for inspiration pretty much since folks started capturing moving pictures on film, so there’s a whole lot of great options to watch when you’re in that mood.

And if you’re looking for the best crime movies on Netflix, specifically, there are plenty of titles currently streaming to scratch that itch. Some of them are based on incredible true stories, some of them are wild cinematic adventures dreamed up by some of the best filmmakers in the biz, and some of them bump up against other genres, making for some wild and unpredictable tales of murder, organized crime, thievin’, and all kinds of thrilling misdeeds.

So if that all sounds good, check out our picks for the best crime movies on Netflix right now below, and if you don’t find watch you’re looking for here, check out our guides to the Best Crime Shows on Netflix and the Best Thrillers on Netflix.

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