What good is a hero if they don’t have proper villains to square off against? Ian Fleming’s super spy James Bond has certainly done battle with his fair share of legendary bad guys, and he’s been able to get out of each encounter with his life intact. But who are the best of the best when it comes to the 007 canon, and which villains actually had the charm and skill to get some hits in on her majesty’s ringer with the slick trigger finger? Pour yourself a martini or three, as we’re about to show you the best James Bond villains and rank them by effectiveness.

9. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Various Actors/Films, Currently Christoph Waltz)

The Plot: Basically boiling down to world domination, extortion and terrorism, Blofeld has done everything from stealing nuclear warheads to create a biological weapon and even hijacking a diamond magnified satellite… to destroying the world’s nuclear warheads. And almost every plot involves him trying to extort various governments and alliances for one thing: money.

8. Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen, Casino Royale)

The Plot: Le Chiffre is a professional gambler/investor who helped Quantum (and, by proxy, Spectre) fund its terrorist operations. With several plots already successful by time we start Casino Royale, the next big score was to come at that particular card table in Monaco. Naturally, James Bond stepped in to try and bankrupt him before he could go any further.

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