There’s no doubt that 2020 has been an arduous year. Between the never-ending spate of political headlines and the global pandemic that has put people’s health and economic well-being at risk, it’s no wonder folks have been turning to their televisions to give them an outlet from the real world even more than usual lately. Few things have been as comforting in these turbulent times than being able to binge series like Outer Banks, and Dead to Me.

Although Netflix’s productions were impacted by coronavirus shutdowns just as much as the rest of Hollywood — we’ll have to wait even longer for Stranger Things Season 4 — the streaming service has had enough original shows and movies banked up to continue churning out new titles, month after month, and remain a major part of the cultural conversation throughout an otherwise very hectic year.

Some of Netflix’s new movies, shows, and specials have been better than others, of course. Here we’ll walk you through some of the very best Netflix Originals of 2020, from the docuseries which no one could stop talking about (Tiger King) to the scripted dramas that got us in our feelings (Never Have I Ever) to the action movies that were just silly enough to let us escape for a spell (Extraction), click through to read about the best of the best on Netflix this year (so far).

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