Each era comes with its own styles that epitomize the time period, but has there ever been a more-maligned decade than the 80s? The permed hair didn’t help, but those bold styles seem to have particularly left their mark .Forty years later, however, fashion has started digging back into their favorite vintage pieces to bring back wide-brimmed hats, power suits>>>P, scrunchies, and even the infamous shoulder pads. Love it or hate it, here are our favorite trends that revive those’80s vibes for the 21st century.

The wide-brim hat was one of the more surprising styles to become re-popularized in the 80s. It was commonly seen amongst those who dressed“boho chic,” which, yes, also existed then. Now a variety of finishes from straw to felt expands how a hat can be worn today.

Cue Carrie Bradshaw shrieking to Berger:“A scrunchie?!” Because yes, scrunchies are synonymous with 1980’s sitcoms and hyper-matching teens—not exactly the height of sophistication. But new fabrics like velvet and leather make the maligned hair accessory chic again and we bet even Carrie would approve.