After months of lockdowns and restrictions, live music and theatre shows are still a long way from getting back to normal – but there are some stars who have gone above and beyond to bring entertainment to our lives and make things that little bit better.

With prolonged periods stuck at home in what has been a truly strange and horrible year, we have needed our favourite TV shows and music and books more than ever.

When the UK entered its first lockdown in March, Tim Burgess knew that music could help keep spirits up. While other artists went down the path of streamed gigs, to varying degrees of success, The Charlatans frontman had a different idea: listening parties, on Twitter, with everyone pressing play on the same album at the same time and fans interacting with the artists who created them.

Burgess had actually held listening parties before, but realised they could be more important than ever during the pandemic. From Oasis and Blur to Kylie Minogue and Paul McCartney, more than 600 iconic albums have been celebrated and, 10 months on, the parties are still going strong, every day. Which means the musician has spent a lot of time on Twitter in 2020. “I just thought it might be helpful, as simple as that,” he told Sky News, back when the listening parties first started. “It was this idea – we can listen together, apart.”

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