ESPN’s documentary The Last Dance has given fans a rare look into Michael Jordan’s life. The 10-part documentary features rare footage of Jordan during his 1997-98 championship run with the Chicago Bulls and an in-depth interview with the NBA legend. From his questionable behavior towards teammates to his gambling habits and intense competitive spirit, here is how The Last Dance shows fans the real Jordan.

Inside ‘The Last Dance’

The documentary was put together in collaboration with Jordan and several of his close friends, whose insight helped steer the narrative. While Jordan played a big part in the making of the series, director Jason Hehir revealed that the NBA legend never interfered in the creative process.

According to LA Times, Hehir explained how Jordan was very candid in The Last Dance interviews and was never afraid to discuss even the more controversial elements of his story. This includes talking about the rumors that there was rampant cocaine use amongst his teammates during his rookie season.

“From the moment I first sat down with Michael to discuss the project, he was surprisingly forthcoming, candid and eager to discuss a lot of the topics that I think people are going to be interested in,” Hehir shared. “… He was all-in from Day 1. He was an active participant.”

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