The most terrifying movie monsters
What’s the key to a great monster movie? An awesome monster, duh! The more terrifying, or in some cases fun, the monster is, the more enjoyable the movie. Here are some of the most frightening movie monsters from cinema history. When we say monster, we’re talking about various creatures, ghouls and animalistic aliens. We aren’t including seemingly supernatural killers like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. Humans, and humanoid aliens, will have to wait for their time in the sun.

Yes, there are a lot of films in which Godzilla is the “good guy.” He’s still terrifying, though. Godzilla is a giant, fire-breathing lizard. Plus, he has been the villain in some films. There’s a reason Wikipedia has him listened in the category “fictional mass murderers.”

Part of what makes the Predator — which we find out eventually is an entire alien race —scary is that they are also smart in addition to being animalistic. Godzilla may stomp you, but you’re like a bug to him. The Predator hunts you down for sport. That’s even more bone-chilling.