There are few romance movies as beloved as The Notebook. Though it’s been nearly 16 years since the film premiered, the cast is still asked about the iconic film on the regular. Adapted from the eponymous Nicholas Sparks novel, The Notebook tells the love story of Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. It’s a classic tale of two people from opposite sides of the track that couldn’t be more different. But, despite their differences, they manage to fall in love anyway.

But Noah isn’t the only man in Allie’s life. During the years that she and Noah were apart, she falls in love with another man, Lon Hammond Jr., who was played beautifully by James Marsden. Lon was exactly the kind of man that Allie’s parents wanted for her. He was charming, funny, sweet, and, of course, extremely wealthy. In fact, the love between Allie and Lon almost felt easy in comparison to the love that she shared with Noah.

What makes ‘The Notebook’ so compelling

One of the things that makes The Notebook so compelling is that there’s no easy choice for Allie to make. Lon’s love can’t compare to Noah’s, but he’s actually sweet and kind and treats her really well. Typically when we see the love triangle device utilized, one of the two options is mean, treats the person badly, or simply has a huge character flaw. But, that simply was not the case with Lon, which makes Allie’s indecision that much more believable and relatable.

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