AS THE EVENTS IN Kenosha, Wisconsin, played out for a national audience in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, many reports missed the opportunity to discuss the long trajectory of protest movements by African Americans in the state’s history.

Those outside of Wisconsin were probably unaware that many of the protesters in Kenosha were residents of Milwaukee, who have been actively engaged in protests against police brutality here in the state’s largest city.

The two cities are separated by a short distance of just 40 miles down Interstate 94. As the anger mounted in southeast Wisconsin over the shooting of the unarmed Blake, Milwaukee activists galvanized a response over social media and carpooled to Kenosha to show their support and indignation over another senseless shooting by police officers. I was sent links to the viral video by several people on social media but cannot force myself to watch another such video. I’ve seen far too many in the past seven years.

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