Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson delivered an emotional graduation speech to a Florida high school after receiving a letter from their class president.

The 48-year-old wrestler-turned-actor posted a 13-minute video addressed to high school seniors from Pompano Beach High School, after one student’s request to speak at her ceremony “knocked me off my feet”.

The Jumanji star posted a video to his social media pages in which he read excerpts from a letter he received from Lorraine Angelakos, a senior at the school in Florida.

Angelakos stated in her letter how “most commencement speakers and celebrities are sought for after you complete college” but pointed out how someone like Johnson should speak out to inspire graduating seniors because “some students won’t have that luxury” of further education.

The student offered to fundraise to cover the actor’s travel and food expenses and even enclosed $7 “as part of a good faith request” as a downpayment.

Johnson admitted he was deeply moved by the letter and said he “would have done this for free”.

“It knocked me off my feet,” he said. “Lorraine, you’re absolutely right – this time right now is critical.

“I would have done this for free, I would have gone around the world twice and back just to speak to you had you guys had a normal graduation,” he said.

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