A supermodel wears something, it becomes famous. It’s just the way of things. But every so often, the cycle is reversed, and that something becomes famous before it’s spotted on a supermodel. And in the case of Cariuma’s coveted sneakers, that’s exactly what happened. Cariuma launched in 2018, making the brand fairly new to the footwear game. While it takes some brands years to really take off, Cariuma was an instant success.

Perhaps that’s because all of its sneakers managed to hit on the footwear trifecta: three key shoe musts the footwear landscape was lacking: They’re sustainable, stylish, and affordable. Practically all of Cariuma’s various sneakers have long waitlists.

The OCA Low, a sleek, canvas-upper low-top, once had an 8,000-person waitlist after selling out, and the carbon-neutral, vegan Ibi, made from bamboo, had a queue of more than 14,000 eager sneakerheads waiting to get their hands on it. A handful of celebs have worn their Cariumas, but all this early buzz came for the simple reason that Cariuma’s sneakers are just that good.