As Americans adjusted to spending more time indoors in 2020, the pursuit of ways to stay entertained became a daily challenge. Baking bread, becoming DIY experts and learning new skills were some of the activities that got us through one of the most bizarre years to date. But nothing helped more than the television shows that allowed us to escape our reality.

In a year defined by staying apart, happy shows on Netflix and Hulu brought us closer together, and family sitcoms and dramas united us with our distant loved ones.

Out of all of the shows we watched and loved, these were the top trending shows in Google searches in 2020.

‘Tiger King’

2020 somehow feels like the longest and shortest year to date. So if you thought the Netflix cat-loving phenomenon “Tiger King” debuted years ago, we can understand why. Released in March, “Tiger King” follows Joe Exotic, a country-singing operator of a big cat park in Oklahoma, and his nemesis, Carole Baskin, as the two fight over who has the right to own big cats and attempt to ruin each other’s life. In its first 10 days, “Tiger King” had over 34 million U.S. viewers, and in April, the show held the top spot as the most-watched show on Netflix.

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