The Weeknd revisited his 2013 album Kiss Land on the Friday episode of his Apple Music radio show Momento Mori, where Abel Tesfaye premiered “a few songs and ideas that didn’t make the album.”

During the broadcast — which also featured Kiss Land songs as well as tracks that inspired Tesfaye during the recording of the LP — the singer debuted a handful of unreleased, fully formed demos from the 2013 album, including songs titled “For Your Eyes,” “One of Those Nights,” “Angel Face,” “Another One of Me” and “Heavenly Creatures.”

Tesfaye also revealed the Weeknd’s unheard remix for Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence track “Money Power Glory”; the two would later collaborate on the Weeknd’s “Stargirl Interlude” from his 2016 album Starboy and Del Rey’s 2017 single “Lust for Life.”

The Weeknd also teased a new song last week during the singer’s TikTok “Experience,” and got nostalgic about the Kiss Land era as part of the animated video for “Snowchild.”

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