One had dreamed of becoming a police officer and was injured in a clash with rioters. One was an Air Force veteran and a fervent supporter of President Trump who was shot by the police. Three others were Trump loyalists — including one who sold kangaroos dressed like the president — who suffered what the authorities called “medical emergencies.”

These five people from disparate backgrounds and different corners of the country now share one fate: Their lives all ended last week as a mob incited by Mr. Trump stormed the Capitol.

Federal prosecutors have opened investigations into the deaths of two — the officer beaten by pro-Trump rioters, and the California woman shot inside the Capitol. But the authorities have released limited information about the deaths of the others, while families and friends have been grappling with scattered accounts of their final actions that day.

Here is what we know about each of them and how they died.

Brian Sicknick

After serving in the Air National Guard and dreaming of becoming a police officer, Brian D. Sicknick joined the Capitol Police force in 2008. He died the day after he was overpowered and beaten by rioters from the mob at the Capitol.

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