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Yves Saint Laurent exploded onto the fashion scene in 1958 as the young successor to Christian Dior, after his sudden death some months prior. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, the couturier’s influence was immense. He knew the power of pantsuits for women, popularized the idea of ready-to-wear high fashion, and was a particularly skillful colorist.

Here, in our latest archive dive, we take a look back at a Q&A with Yves Saint Laurent about his color philosophy—for both fashion and interior design—in 1977. From his general belief that color is two of the five senses (sight touch!) to the colors he chose to live with in his own homes (both in Paris and Morocco), his thoughts give insight into his expertise and chic personal preferences.

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House Beautiful

“Pieds noir!”

La Traviata


House Beautiful


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